Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!

So, we wake up to the text message (don't you love technology) that there will be no school in our area again today (2 days in a row!) Who gets this lucky? Especially since I am a teacher and we sort of live for surprise snow days and summer vacations! Also, because living in south central KY, we get VERY LITTLE snow. No, I am not exaggerating, just ask my parents and sister who live next to Lake Erie and are under the cover of several inches of snow at the moment.

Today was a wonderful day, it actually did snow and accumulated enough for the boys to make a very muddy snowman! I love that they are old enough to do fun and creative things like this with their dad and I get to stand back and snap pictures!

I also love that I finally downloaded Photoshop and am learning how to use it... well, you know, better late than never! Anyone want to tell me how to get rid of the dirty snow in the background?

CHA is going on this week in CA and I have been inspired to scrap. So, I took some fun pics today to use with some new paper I got from CTMH. Everyone enjoy the snow, hope you have power and am going to return to my scrapping... Happy SNOW day!

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