Monday, April 7, 2008

These are the days... to remember!

Hey there! You will never believe that I have finally, and I do mean, finally, sat down and created a BLOG! To all of my friends, I love you, and hope you won't divorce, disown or discredit me when you visit this site! You love me now, for better, and many times, for worse, so hang on girls... It's going to continue to be a wild ride! For those of you who don't know me, I am shy (if you can believe it) in large, unfamiliar crowds. But, to my great confidants, I am the one they always say they can hear laughing all the way down the hall! What a better way to spend the day, with students, kids or friends than smiling and laughing? Well, yeah, scrapbooking with my friends while laughing and eating chocolate would be better, but, do I have a choice? This summer I do! What, 8 weeks until summer vacation? I knew this teacher thing had it's perks!!! For those who have seen me in action, they say I am consumed with scrapbooking and all other things creative. I LOVE scrap magazines and can be found hiding one on my desk, pouring over them at lunch and drooling over scrap products at the stores! What a joy this hobby has become! And, Yes! I have convinced my closest and dearest friends to take up the adhesive and join with me for a rousing day of scrapbooking (and even convinced several of them to attend a bi-annual retreat-72 hours of pure, scrapbooking bliss! I hope you enjoy my antics and my humor. Soon I will post pictures of some of our pj contest entries from past scraping retreats! Of course, as goofy as we are, means we win once and a while-like last month when we were "Super Scrappers"~enjoy XOXO