Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Saturday

Woo-hoo! The first official day of our Fall Break! A whole TEN days of relaxing and playing without work, well, at least without paid for, career oriented, work. I look around and see all of the projects I want to finish-yes, I have tons of things laying around that I have started and not finished-imagine! But I also see a house that needs cleaned, and BOOKS to be read-ha! I am reading The Last Lecture and so far, it seems to be the book I am meant to be reading. Lately I have been consumed with fullfilling dreams- book writing for one. I have, since graduation, wanted to write fiction or memoirs or both, but have let my fears of inadequacy and failure get in the way of self-actualization. I guess it is about time I kick myself in the posterior and get my giggy on. I have many ideas and some outlines in my head. Riki even made a passing comment, after a night of margaritas, that I should right that stuff down, people would pay to read it. So why am I dragging my feet? I have since checked into creative writing degrees at the nearest university and discussed some ideas with friends (still dragging feet-can you tell?) But now, reading the first chapters of this book, I definately see it is time to put thoughts into action and carve out some time in my busy day to put my ideas down. Who knows, maybe a published book in a few years. I just finished If I am Missing or Dead-wow- one powerful memoir! Put's things in perspective for me! Went scrapping with April at the local scrapbook store, what a great time we had and I even completed a few pages to sell. Can you believe people actually pay me to make scrapbook pages for them-how awesome is that? Wait till you see our get-up for the next scrap retreat-just suffice to say-we will be monkeying around a bit! I am going out to play in the beautiful 87 degree sunshine with the boys-what an awesome Saturday-Love & kisses!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Midnight...I will pay for it in the morning!

Do you ever get roused in the middle of the night and end up not being able to go back to sleep? Well, that has always been the story of my life. So, tonight, when Josh woke up crying that his foot "hurt really, really bad" we tried rubbing it, consoling him, getting up, throwing up, crying some more then drifting back off to sleep, without really resolving the "foot problem" Yet, here I am, wide awake at midnight while all of the guys in my life are snoring peacefully. (even the dog is asleep) What a better time to post on this here blog!
Note: April at the top during our last scrap retreat! Super scrappers, we were. Lookout, fall retreat is less than a month away and this time we are going "bananas!" Can't wait to spend a weekend with my girlie friend and scrap too! You know I will post pictures! Can't wait-dreaming of patterned paper and margaritas!

Two more days until fall break! I have a new student teacher in my room and my Intern gets observed by her teacher educator tomorrow. This week started off even crazier than that: Picture this, Josh, eyes swollen, face red and burning hot. I turn his head and notice a rash of welts down the side of his neck. A little later, they move to his arms... when they started to make the trek across his belly, I declared it was time to hit the emergency room (because you know this was Sunday night!) The little booger got stung by a yellow jacket and NEVER complained! You talk about one tough cookie! We have since recovered and are trying to get over the pneumonia in his left lung-not so easy to shake. Seth has decided he is writing a book and started on it tonight-it's called "Journal of the Three Brothers"-he came up with the entire idea all by himself. He learned about global warming today, hence the topic of our bedtime discussion: "Mom, why is the world melting?" "Heating up?" I replied. "Yeah, the ice caps are melting" "Global warming," I say. "Are we going to die?" "Someday, but those are reasons for you to use your creativity to invent things that reverse global warming or the energy crisis" I say. "Ok, I want to save the world, that would be a good thing, and then I'll go to heaven for sure" "But, I want to design cars too and be a writer. Then I'll be rich AND save the world!" WOW-I think-how cool is he?
I am so blessed to be here and be so loved by so many wonderful people. Thank you for being part of my life and making me smile! (can you tell it's midnight-I get even more full of it after dark!) OOOhhh- lost another pound tonight- so great!!! have a fabulous week!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It has been a while since I have posted a scrapbook page, so here goes. This is the scrap page from last year's benefit concert for Vanderbilt's Children's hospital-you know- a good way to donate! So, we are gearing up to go again this year to the Sommet Center-hopefully we won't forget our I.D.'s this time! We also talked two of our close friends into running away with us for the weekend to shop and relax (because you know April and I are so good at relaxing-ha!) As soon as we get back, I will post the follow-up page for this year! April and I have been on quite a few adventures-our scrapbook is almost full!

On to other news: Seth and Noah are taking guitar lessons - pronounced differently in the south than in Akron, OH- and they love it. Thanks dad for the guitar and the inspiration to be well rounded! Noah made his own scrapbook page today-without my assistance and Josh glued his stack of scrap paper to the table (all the while I was having an enlightening conversation with April and I told her that not being able to get a DVD from Flix online was not going to kill her but scraping glue off of the table might get me down!)

Happy Birthday to my mom! She's 39 again!-didn't think I could get away with 29 again since I am 35?? We will celebrate when you come down for fall break.

My dad will be trying to confiscate more rocks from Kentucky while the border patrol (aka april) will be on the lookout for conspicuous behavior from IFO's!

Heard from my long lost but FABULOUS friend Aidan today-your right- I really do suck! But, I will get in touch soon-until then, I will keep you posted from here! GREAT to hear from you-it is funny how somethings never change and how you can go without seeing people for a long time and still remember why you love them! Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday-my Intern is making me work weekends-so I am off to the trenches!
Open house is coming up this week and I always love to meet students' parents to see where they get their "quirky" personalities from. So, needless to say, when I ran across this picture of my dad, I had to wonder-who got his quirky personality-ha!!!
I will try to post again in a few days-Peace out-as my second graders tell me every day!