Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weight Watchers Mini-Album

Hey there! So great to see you! I thought we could all use a little color, a little boost, a little inspiration today... so, I was reading on the Creating Keepsakes message board and got inspired myself. I then went over to 2peas, thanks to some threads on the message board, and posted my Weight Watchers mini-album. I would love for you to visit the link http://http// and give a little 2 peas love! I am so proud of my friend Pattie who has lost a total of 64 pounds and I am still working on that last 10-thinking about buying P90X! I know, jillian from Biggest Loser inspires me as well. I also love that Cathy Z. is posting her WW adventures on her blog. Thanks for the love- have a wonderful day!

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