Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!
But no matter how cold, or wet or rainy or wild it is, Grandpa always comes through with some amazing and fun game to make memories with my boys... On this particular visit, it was cold, and boy do I dislike the cold... we are not friends. I did manage to brave the elements long enough to capture the main event on camera and it was worth it! So, I present to you our newest game with Grandpa... marshmallow wars! Can you say sticky, spit covered marshmallows? Josh tried hard to keep up with the big boys, but eventually we had to minimize his shooter to allow for size and age... he did a great job and the smiles were plentiful!
Noah was ready to take on the world and Grandpa with his new marshmallow shooter... He got a lot of practice shooting at the G-pa!
I love this shot of Seth, over the shoulder... can you see his marshmallow headed straight for the man in yellow? Good shot Seth!
Boy is Grandpa an ace shooter... he pegged each boy with zingers! He showed them that even 'old guys' can hold their own (his own words). He is still amazing! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for coming to visit, for bringing the dogs and for spending a wonderful week making memories with me and my boys... we love you!
Here is the pre-war construction... that is one thing I love about Grandpa... he has so much to teach them... I want them to learn as much as they can from him... he has some good lessons to teach that they all need! This is my favorite part of having kids... watching my mom and dad pass down life lessons to my kids in fun ways... they will learn to value learning like I do... another good lesson here was to take your time and do things correctly, not hurried but thoughtfully... we could all use a refresher on that lesson... thanks Grandpa!
Grandma teaches them about being creative... but she isn't a fan of me posting her picture, so I will give her kudos for the "Ghost Graveyard" -very cool- you can see it online at's crafts... But here, she lends her creative hand and poses the boys for the post-war shot... gotta love boys...especially the big ones! I hope everyone enjoys every day and remembers that life is about making memories... and my parents have always been the best about making that memorable!

Friday, October 9, 2009

One reason I scrapbook is because as beautiful as the color and the thoughtfullness of these roses are... they perish and the memory fades... when I scrapbook this photo, I journal about the purpose for these particular roses... the reason for the beautiful color and I remember the emotion behind the actions... that is one reason I scrapbook... Here are 3 more...

One... as fast as he grows... the freckles, the highlighted hair, the kooky smile... his amazing personality...
His first puppy... Copper... because one day he will be a dad and he will be thinking about getting a puppy for his kids... and he will see this photo and remember the feelings and memories that surrounded this moment and he will say a puppy for his own little ones...
And here is two... for his precocious personality and his love of life... for that blond hair and that amazing smile... for the sweet boy that he can be...with his new puppy Todd... who his still wants to squish when he holds him...
Three... for the love that they have for each other... even though sometimes they won't even admit they like each other... for this... I have proof... For these moments, I scrapbook, so that they will remember all of the wonderful moments that were their childhood...

For this... knowing he will soon be a teen and capturing these smiles might be few and far between... for now... for these moments... for the boys I love... for our friends... for our family... for each other... beautiful memories...
For this little guy, who won't stay little for long... for the smiles and laughter he will bring...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So many happenings...
It's fall... the weather is cool, time for jackets, pants and socks and shoes... can I say I don't like the cold without you getting upset with me? I really do not like the cold at all... the pants, the shoes, the layers...ugh! BUT, I do love some of the things this time of year brings... the beautiful colors, time outside with the kids... the new puppies in our backyard... the pumpkin patch and all of it's bright colors across the street... I love those things...Fall break in 4 short days... Mom, Dad and the siblings coming for a visit... time with them is so precious and short...
costumes... pictures to scrap... laughter... anticipation... The Fall Scrap Retreat with April, Pattie and Stephanie- I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that... our new prayer group... my friends in Kristy and Adam... the blessings of this life... even though times are hard... love... joy... beautiful children... my friends, thank you for your friendship...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making Memories that will last a lifetime...
My mom and dad have always been the best at making memories for us as kids...from stockings at Christmas, to camping in the summer, there were always things that we could count on and that I still remember many, many years later. So, the tradition of memory making continues. Grandpa drives 8 hours for Grandparents' Day each time one of our children is in Kindergarten. It is kind of a big deal around here, he drives all day, to spend one hour eating breakfast, listening to songs and looking at pictures, all to make my children feel special. To him and to me, it is worth all of the time and effort for that one hour. I am so proud of my dad and my kids for the memories that we make, that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. It would not be possible if it wasn't for Grandma, staying home to take care of Gabby and Bosco.Then comes the one thing that the boys look forward to each time they see Grandpa... it starts the minute that he arrives... "Grandpa, can we have a gummy worm war?" Grandpa replies, "Do you have any gummy worms?" and it is on... The last night of each trip, Grandpa, armed with two packages of gummy worms, wages war on unsuspecting grandsons... who delight in the onslaught and rally to try to get Grandpa down. But what mom knows is that it has always been 3 to 1, and Grandpa always seems to win even though he is severely outnumbered! Thanks Grandpa for making memories for my kids that will last a lifetime, and for giving me something else fun to scrap at the retreat in November. Another thing that we try to do is to get the boys involved in anything and everything that will increase their self-esteem, community awareness or overall ability. Here are two of my beautiful boys after singing to the local board of education. Noah didn't sing, but impressed everyone with his well-dressed self. He loves to dress up and look nice, and I love that about him, and I love this picture of them showing all the love they have for each other! Make memories with your spouse, children, significant others and friends that you and your family will remember for years to come!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A few layouts in honor of Scrapbook Village Retreat sign-up...

Sign up for the Fall Scrapbook Village Retreat starts at 9:00 am tomorrow morning! Only 70 or 75 spots are available... I will be calling for 3 of those spaces girlies!! If you would like to come and enjoy the fun... visit or call 270-651-7171 tomorrow morning at 9 to reserve your spots! We will have a GREAT pajama contest on Saturday night and I always come home with tons of free stuff and a lot of great ideas from other wonderful scrappers... Michelle, Michelle, Debbie and all my other FB/SBV Retreat friends... can't wait to see you there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School... OMG!
Ok, even a teacher has moments when they say..."Who decided to start the school year at the beginning of August when it is still 95 degrees and sunny out?" I also wonder what to do with 14 little boys in my tiny classroom and then what to do with my own 3 sons after school to get all of the wiggles out... But, I am blessed to be a teacher and love my job... even if the planning and political part of it drives me nuts sometimes... I love the smiles and understanding that lights their little faces... Here are my own on the very first day of school... and, tell me honestly what you think of my "new"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome bloganniversary GIVEAWAY @
Just Jingle posted about a great giveaway, so, you know me... I went to the link... guess what I saw? Wow, I'm impressed, a MM Slice and so many other goodies... Check it out and sign up to win! Woo-hoo!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where do you start?
As I open up my browser, I think about what I want to post here, to share with all of you. I want to share my thoughts and memories on these pages. Tonight, as I sit here, I see how the process for sharing on this page is the exact same as the way I start a scrapbook page. Everyone has their own style, their own process for everything they do, and I always worried that I was doing it wrong. One thing that I have learned, while writing this blog, and scrapbooking pages, is that there is no wrong way... only my way. My way is the right way... for me... and your way is the right way... for you. And the great thing about that is that I can share my ways, ideas and styles with you and you with me. Then I can take the ideas that you inspire me with and meld them into my style and vice versa. So, as I blog tonight, I realize that I like to start telling my story with the picture. First, I scroll through my photos and decide what I want to share (this is the same process I go through for scrapbooking). What I have noticed about my photos over the years is that I never use my camera without a layout scheme in mind, for the blog, a page or both. Here, I was thinking about how the boys had no idea how to skate on skateboards. We only purchased them the night before our outing to the new skate park. They were so excited that they failed to realize you needed to know how to skate before you actually could ride the "bowl" . So, we spent much of our time watching the "pros" who had mastered the art of skateboarding. I really think they enjoyed that as much as actually skating. That is the story I wanted to tell when I took each of these photos. The scrapbook layout, for me, comes when I take the pictures... the story tells itself. Then I add the color and the embellies... I think because I can say it is my process... I can say I love it and will always love the ease in which creativity comes my way. I hope that you give your creativity a chance to flow in it's own way, enjoy what you do, your way, today and let the story you want to tell come out naturally. The boys will one day love to remember how they couldn't skate and watched others. What a good day! xox
Seth & Noah will one day be able to skate the bowl, but right now they are content to watch. So am I...

Josh is just so serious... here... only here... everywhere else he is my little monkey, wild and loud!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Cool Scrapbook Link and A New Favorite Layout...
Scrapbooked with April yesterday and I, as usually, get irritated when a title doesn't pop into my mind... so, I googled scrap titles and found the most AWESOME link... check it out... Pick the category that you are scrapping and then a huge list of titles pops up... that's where I found the title for the above layout. I also used "Glimmer Mist" by Tim Holt (Tattered Angels) for the title. I used old, mismatched stickers to create the title, then sprayed glimmer mist over the whole thing, let it dry, then peeled off the stickers. I used embossed patterned paper for a cool look... I love the way it turned out! I also pulled out that always in style threading water punch from Fiskars'. Let's scrapbook again today! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the layout and tell me which Weird Al song you like better... White & Nerdy or Ebay... enjoy your day!

Took this pic last night... yes... they both fell asleep like this... it had been a long day... isn't it amazingly sweet? I posted a new slide show to the right... check it out... tell me what you think. I also started reading a new series... the arcane society... started with The Perfect Poison... which happened to be the sixth book in the series. But I really am enjoying them, not my usual read.

Friday, July 17, 2009

You know you are loved when..

Your best friend creates a layout featuring the two of you compared to two elderly rhino ladies who run off any male, young or old, just because they know they can~ who ~ are affectionately referred to by the zoo staff as the two old b******. So sweet! Love you April... very creative layout, using the CTMH Magic Moments Level 2 pack. Such a cute and fun idea... love it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gotta Love the Zoo...

The way it makes us think about ourselves, the way the kids are amazed at the size and power of the animals, and the way we enjoy seeing animals that we don't normally see every day. My boys are especially amazed at the gorillas because of how silly they act even though they are huge and powerful.

Noah compares his hands to a gorilla's. We thought Noah was a big kid for 7 years old.

Josh, the baby, still looks small compared to his brothers (and is dwarfed by a gorilla) at 5 years old.

Seth ponders the size of his hands compared to the gorilla and I would love to know what else is swirling around that creative brain of his when I took this shot.

These pictures were taken this summer (boys were 9, 7, 5). We took photos in the same place last summer and I scrapbooked those pictures... I can't wait to scrap these and compare the two. This is a great way to show the ways the boys have grown and to show how somethings will always be awe inspiring to them. Have a great weekend! Visit the zoo and scrap some of your own memories.

The boys last year at 8, 6, and 4 years old... look how much they have grown!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pretty Amazing...Totally Crazy... Wonderful Summer
Out of the 518 photos I took over the last week and a half, here are just a few to highlight what we have seen and done in such a short amount of time...

Yesterday finished up an amazing two days of baseball camp for Seth and Noah at the new Hot Rods Stadium. Noah takes a break from his "teacher" after smashing him in the head with a line drive hit. All Robi Estrada, #10 and second baseman for the Hot Rods, could say was, "Good hit, man!" Needless to say, Noah was very proud of himself. Minor league outfielder Anthony Scelfo catches the ball as Seth pitches to him. I can't wait to scrapbook these memories!

Thanks so much to Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Riki, Uncle Todd, Tanya, Troy and Kelly for making our visit one to remember! Below, the boys are visiting Grandma's desk at the Akron Beacon Journal right before we head up to the roof to view the fireworks for the 4th of July. Here is where most of Grandma's writing and research is done. What a cool thing to experience when you are visiting your Grandma! Look for her craft column in a newspaper near you! Special thanks to Grandma who spend so much time planning so many fun and exciting things for us to do during our visit, and to Grandpa, for taking care of us! I love and appreciate you both more than I can say!
Aunt Riki and Uncle Todd are the bomb for the boys. On Saturday we spent the day at their house swimming, jumping, playing and kayaking. What a great time and we were so tired! Thanks to Aunt Riki for taking them fishing and giving them their first set of golf clubs. They ask daily to go "hit some"! (Thanks for giving me a break for a little time at "Archiver's) The Akron Zoo was really cool, too! The jellyfish were a highlight, as well as the wildlife show and the baby jaguars. Grandma got to spend a day as "animal trainer" and then got invited back to see the new babies! Amazing!

I finally captured the notorious "Grandpa" on his Harley. I have told many about his cool new bike, but few have seen him in action. Doesn't he just emanate biker man?

During our train ride, we stopped at the "Winking Lizard" and met Heisman, this restaurant's 6 foot lizard. I LOVED the sign, I would probably get a headache too! The boys purchased "winking lizard" t-shirts to remember their visit.

The train ride was a great experience for the boys. They even listened to the history of the valley and went up to the observation deck with Grandpa. So many memorable moments and great learning experiences on this visit home! Thanks again G&G!

But, the most important part of each trip home is the memories that we make by spending time with family. We live so far away and visits are not frequent enough, so I want to make those memories last for the boys. Positive family influence is so important to kids self-esteem, desire to learn and to their overall development. So, I love when I capture moments like these on camera, so that I can tell the story on pages in our scrapbook, so the boys can see and remember they are loved by more than just me. Plus, the reward I get, to see my family enjoy my children, stays with me, always. I am so thankful and blessed.

And... to Riki, I love you and am so glad we are friends. I am so glad the boys have you, mom and dad to love and spend time with. But, I also can't tell you enough how much I love and appreciate you!
I didn't get any pictures, but I have to thank my "high school" friends for meeting me during this trip. And... a big thanks to Facebook, for re-connecting us after 17 years! Loved every minute I spent with each of you and can't wait to do it again... and to Wendy... girl... next time we will plan a trip at the same time so I can see you, too! xoxx
Make as many memories today as you can, and do something to document those memories... take photos, keep a journal, scrapbook... anything to keep those memories close to your heart.