Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yet Another Snow Day!

Well, it has officially been a week since I last posted and lo and behold, it is another snow day. Before I talk about that, let's talk about how I survived a slumber party on Friday night with 15 boys and one great little girl. Seth turned nine on Tuesday and we had all of his friends over for a rousing slumber party. Seth is so much like me he wanted his cake to say, "Have an artsy-fartsy birthday" So I took out the fartsy part and ordered this cake from my FAVORITE bakery (an hour's drive from here-also the death of my diet!) The boys were great and we actually got 6 hours of sleep!

OK, on to the snow day... I absolutely LOVE waking up to a text from friends that says "No school!" Notice, if you will, the exclamation point at the end... can you tell we love a few snow days? After yesterday at school, a little break was warrented. My 9 year old woke up this morning to find out he didn't have to go to third grade today and said, "Woo-hoo, no open response writing today!" That says it all! Tomorrow is dress as your favorite character day, so, instead of scrapping, I will be trying to pull together costumes. We, the second grade teachers, will be sporting costumes of our favorite book "Pinkalicious" with a crown, wand and pink feather boa... can you imagine? We do have a lot of fun. My sister, the wonderful lawyer, texted back to me this morning that in her next life she was going to be a teacher... lol! I do love it, especially when we get a little surprise like this...

And, with that, I will post my latest layout, made last week on a snow day... I love this picture of Seth and tried to do something new... I inked the white chipboard letters darker at the top and lighter at the bottom in order to add some visual interest. I then inked the top of each letter to make it pop a little. I had a lot of fun and have put it aside for a while to come back to it a little later to add something... I also submitted several layouts to magazines this week for possible publication... wish me luck... best of luck to you. Have a wonderful snow day and please pray for all of the people who are still out of power this week and for those people who have left their families to go and help... We are so blessed!

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