Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heritage Day... Rising Stars!


Noah and his friends singing a humorous tune for heritage day... I am so very proud of him and he loved every minute of it! Way to go Noah!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Friends... New Beginnings...

Two beautiful friends make my days at work amazingly fun and easy to enjoy... thanks to Dana and Pattie, Steph and Andrea and the other wonderful girlies that I work with everyday. Yet, to be the unsuspecting victim of picture taking on the playground during recess... yes... technology at its finest... we love to "get each other" when we are not looking... Dana got me this time and sent me a "gotcha" moment when I was laughing at something Pattie had said when we had just reached the playground... good times and memories like this... more reasons for me to love them. What is even funnier is when it shows up on your Blackberry... love my girls... and the 9 school days we have left! Plus the weather that allows me to wear sleeveless sweaters and open toed heels to work. My favorite season...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Backroom Band Plays the Dixie...


Since the beginning of 2011, my friends and I have started a new tradition. The first Saturday night of each month is reserved for all of us to take a drive to TN to listen to the Backroom Band do what they do best at the Dixie cafe. They have such a wonderful chemistry and fun mix of humor and beauty in creating music. I can listen all night and usually do. Not only do they make an awesome sound but in between sets, they make the crowd laugh with their wit and banter... it is great to witness the ease at which they play together... the food is pretty good as well ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boys of Summer...


You know it is summer when it is baseball season. I know it is summer when I start to spend my evenings at the park watching the boys practice or play. This summer, I have a cool new toy called the Q3... an awesome video camera that I actually really am not very adept at using yet... I will get better, but right now I am posting a few of the "first" videos that I have captured using it. They are also some of Josh's "firsts", which is pretty cool... in and of itself... his first slide into home and his first hit. This weekend I am going to try my hand at recording one of my favorite hometown bands... we will see if I can do a little better with the recording, a tripod might help :) Awesome to be able to have so much to enjoy in one's life.