Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rollerskating @ 36

So, we spent the day with the boys rollerskating. After 20 years of non-rollerskating activities, I was really looking forward to getting out there and showing the boys how it was done. Well, after 20 years, and at the ripe age of 36, the idea of rollerskating, and the actual rollerskating itself are 2 very different things indeed! After tying on a men's size 9 green plastic pair of roller skates (a far cry from the rough white or brown leather lace-up skates of the 70's) I stood up only to have a wave of pure terror crash through my entire being-belly laugh at the visual, won't you! So, because the boys were starring eagerly up at their fearless mother-yeah, I know, but they still think I can do almost anything even if we both know I can't, I tried out my sea legs. After a few wobbly and very scary turns around the shinny and very slick rink, I finally remembered how to skate (kind of like riding a bike, seriously) and got the boys out on the floor with me. We had a great time and then played a rousing game of laser tag before heading home. What fun they are, they are finally old enough to take out and terrorize with things like this! They are almost pro's. We will try again next weekend. I was amazed, however, at the amount of boys and girls who gave up after the first ten minutes (it's too hard) they complained? Where does the determination and perservenence get taught? Well, I am proud of my family today, for perservering and learning to skate... way to go boys. And, on another note, can I tell you how very much I LOVE FACEBOOK? So, if you are not a Facebook fan, check it out and look me up (Jennifer Flowers) NO NOT GENNIFER FLOWERS- I don't have a personal relationship with Bill Clinton... nor the money she received for spreading it around public-but it is a good conversation starter!!! Have a great weekend!

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