Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making Memories that will last a lifetime...
My mom and dad have always been the best at making memories for us as kids...from stockings at Christmas, to camping in the summer, there were always things that we could count on and that I still remember many, many years later. So, the tradition of memory making continues. Grandpa drives 8 hours for Grandparents' Day each time one of our children is in Kindergarten. It is kind of a big deal around here, he drives all day, to spend one hour eating breakfast, listening to songs and looking at pictures, all to make my children feel special. To him and to me, it is worth all of the time and effort for that one hour. I am so proud of my dad and my kids for the memories that we make, that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. It would not be possible if it wasn't for Grandma, staying home to take care of Gabby and Bosco.Then comes the one thing that the boys look forward to each time they see Grandpa... it starts the minute that he arrives... "Grandpa, can we have a gummy worm war?" Grandpa replies, "Do you have any gummy worms?" and it is on... The last night of each trip, Grandpa, armed with two packages of gummy worms, wages war on unsuspecting grandsons... who delight in the onslaught and rally to try to get Grandpa down. But what mom knows is that it has always been 3 to 1, and Grandpa always seems to win even though he is severely outnumbered! Thanks Grandpa for making memories for my kids that will last a lifetime, and for giving me something else fun to scrap at the retreat in November. Another thing that we try to do is to get the boys involved in anything and everything that will increase their self-esteem, community awareness or overall ability. Here are two of my beautiful boys after singing to the local board of education. Noah didn't sing, but impressed everyone with his well-dressed self. He loves to dress up and look nice, and I love that about him, and I love this picture of them showing all the love they have for each other! Make memories with your spouse, children, significant others and friends that you and your family will remember for years to come!

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