Monday, July 20, 2009

Where do you start?
As I open up my browser, I think about what I want to post here, to share with all of you. I want to share my thoughts and memories on these pages. Tonight, as I sit here, I see how the process for sharing on this page is the exact same as the way I start a scrapbook page. Everyone has their own style, their own process for everything they do, and I always worried that I was doing it wrong. One thing that I have learned, while writing this blog, and scrapbooking pages, is that there is no wrong way... only my way. My way is the right way... for me... and your way is the right way... for you. And the great thing about that is that I can share my ways, ideas and styles with you and you with me. Then I can take the ideas that you inspire me with and meld them into my style and vice versa. So, as I blog tonight, I realize that I like to start telling my story with the picture. First, I scroll through my photos and decide what I want to share (this is the same process I go through for scrapbooking). What I have noticed about my photos over the years is that I never use my camera without a layout scheme in mind, for the blog, a page or both. Here, I was thinking about how the boys had no idea how to skate on skateboards. We only purchased them the night before our outing to the new skate park. They were so excited that they failed to realize you needed to know how to skate before you actually could ride the "bowl" . So, we spent much of our time watching the "pros" who had mastered the art of skateboarding. I really think they enjoyed that as much as actually skating. That is the story I wanted to tell when I took each of these photos. The scrapbook layout, for me, comes when I take the pictures... the story tells itself. Then I add the color and the embellies... I think because I can say it is my process... I can say I love it and will always love the ease in which creativity comes my way. I hope that you give your creativity a chance to flow in it's own way, enjoy what you do, your way, today and let the story you want to tell come out naturally. The boys will one day love to remember how they couldn't skate and watched others. What a good day! xox
Seth & Noah will one day be able to skate the bowl, but right now they are content to watch. So am I...

Josh is just so serious... here... only here... everywhere else he is my little monkey, wild and loud!

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