Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looks like a beautiful fern, adorning one side of my front porch, right? So, if you look closer, this is what you will see... If you scroll down, you will see these baby birds were so much smaller nine days ago, just hatched, beaks open, ready for mamma to feed them. Here they are, waiting quietly for her to come back, and hoping I won't do anything to hurt them. I am still amazed that 1. birds will build a nest in my fern 2. birds will let me look so closely at them on a daily basis 3. bird nests are amazingly small when 5 babies grow to this size
As I watered the fern yesterday, this baby, the one who always lays on the top of the pile, took flight right before our very eyes. This has been a great learning experience for the boys, to observe the life cycle, to learn to be kind and gentle, and to be in awe of nature. What a great way to start the summer and a great memory to journal about and document our memories.
(all the poo is still really nasty... what do I do after they all leave the nest?)

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The Hunley Family said...

We had this exact same thing happen to all three of our ferns and to a light fixture on our front porch. It was amazing to watch them grow and be nurtured by both mother and father bird. However, mother bird ended up attacking my dog when she went out, so we had to put a plastic snake (at the suggestion of my dear ole dad!) to fool them and keep them from nesting there again. We loved watching them though!