Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer... oh, how I love thee...let me count the ways!

1. Time to do the things I love... getting together with friends, scrapbooking memories... remembering when my boys were babies instead of little athletes.
2. Catching my boys being kind and gentle... Noah didn't know it but we caught him loving on Kynnslie Grace while his mom and I scrapbooked the other day. Amazing what you can teach boys to do! But this comes naturally to him... he loves babies and is so sweet to watch.
3. New life... who knew that birds liked to build nests in my hanging ferns? But, I take down the fern, water it and show the boys how much the baby birds have grown... it is amazing how fast they grow... see their little beaks open for food... they are a little nastier now that they are bigger, a little bird poo goes a long way!

4. Waking up late
5. Anticipation of seeing my family in Ohio... I can't wait.
6. Time to play with the boys
7. Swimming
8. Teaching the boys all of my favorite things (swimming, baseball, reading)
9. Being a little lazy
10. Sunshine and warm weather
11. Camping
12. Home-grown vegetables
13. Good friends

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