Monday, March 30, 2009

My own personal scrap space at the Narrow Way B & B ( a whole table to myself!) My bedroom and bathroom was ten steps away... fireplace, large screen TV, elliptical machine (to work off all of those delicious meals) and the whole south side of the house was covered in glass doors and windows so the sun could shine in.
Back from the Best B&B Shelia (April's Mom)~Pattie~ME~April~ Cindy (April's friend) Judy (April's Aunt) in front of the beautiful fire place in the formal living room... look at the gorgeous Easter Eggs adorning the tree in the corner...

Oh, we could barely move after each meal... they were so delicious and the dessert... mmmm!
Here are the lovely Karen and Roger Johnson, owners of the Narrow Way B & B... they were so welcoming! Visit their website to plan a wedding, prom dinner, honeymoon, scrapbook weekend, etc. They do it all ... I would recommend you take a look!
An example of the pages I created... the environment was so relaxed and I got so many pages done! It was a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Isn't my Noah beautiful?!?
You know by now, my need & desire for the best cake on Earth... Sweet Heart Bakery... I heart u!
Ok, I know it looks gross, maybe even a little obscene... but Josh loves to cook and makes me "Special snacks" all of the time. This particular creation was a banana, covered in PB & J on a hotdog bun... come on... he's only 4... how creative!

Oh, this bed was so soft and comfortable. The bathrooms were well stocked and we had snacks and drinks around the clock. I am so very blessed to have such good friends (who will abandon their lives for a weekend like this) and to be able to live in a country that lets us be whatever we want to be! Have a great day!!!

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