Friday, April 3, 2009

Ramifications of a visit to the eye doctor...
What do you say when the lady at the eye doctor's office says, "How long have you noticed he can't see?" Or, "Does he squint?" and I reply, "Uh, well... ummm... I really haven't noticed, I was supposed to bring him in because he is getting ready to go to Kindergarten." Boy, was I so busted! Not only did I not know he couldn't see, but then I couldn't even lie about it! So, they just look at me and I say, "Well, you know, with 3 boys, all under the age of 10... " What, I don't notice? Pretty much, unless it is blaringly obvious, I will probably miss it. So, then I talk to adults and they say things like, "I was in the 5th grade before they noticed I couldn't see." I heard this one this morning, "I was blind as a bat & nobody knew, even me, until I was 10" Ok, so that makes me feel better... and, he is kinda cute in those specks, with their racing stripe down the side. You know he first picked out the big white and brown spotted cheetah skin glasses! He is so funny! This is yet another excuse to scrapbook... the patch, now that makes a great picture, especially if you really know Josh! Have a great Friday!

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