Wednesday, March 18, 2009

B & B- Who get's to do cool stuff like this? ME!

No, this is NOT my house... just wish-LOL! This is actually the place I get to spend a whole weekend at, scrapbooking with the girlies!!! Yes, a house designed especially for people like me, a scrapbook haven, a place to go and immerse myself in scrapbooking bliss! Next weekend, myself (and most of April's extended family-ha) will be staying at this fabulous bed and breakfast inn... to be fed, pampered (yes, there will be a massage therapist on hand!- to get rid of all of those pesky tension knots in our backs-you do know what I am saying-I know you do!) and to scrap in our pj's or grungies (muffies-Pattie calls them) and not have to lift a finger to do anything but laugh, create and relax! How awesome is that? I am extremely appreciative... I really am! The lower level of this wonderful house is a room full of cushy chairs, large tables, lots of light, a computer, printer, Cricut, cardstock and snacks, just for us... If you would like to spend a weekend here, visit Bonnie Wilcolm at Scrapbook Village or visit her website @ to sign you and your friends up today! I did really miss the girls at the scrapbook retreat this year though... that was the price, no retreat for the first time in 4 years... but, we will be back in the fall with silly pj's and lots of laughter! Have a great hump-day!

PS. By the way... I got an e-mail from Kelly Panacci today... I know, soooooo cool. She asked, and I sent, a picture of April, Kelly and myself to her for her Flickr account... OMG, so awesome... see, totally blessed and thankful!

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