Saturday, April 18, 2009

Think like a Scrapbooker...
One thing that I have noticed after many years of scrapbooking, is that when I pull out my camera... I go into scrapbooker mode. Every shot is a potential scrapbook page. Multiple shots can mean a 2 page layout... Does anyone know what I mean? I don't think it was a conscious thing... just something I noticed after falling in love with the craft. Now... I hate to admit... I read photography magazines, use Adobe Photoshop to make my pics look better and spend hours reading other's blogs to get ideas on how to set-up a shot or capture that perfect scrap-able moment... anyone with me? I am amazed at how much this craft has penetrated my life and the way I view my world. I actually take better photos and am more conscious of how I shoot and what I take pictures of. Look at the boys, for instance. I tried to get some "perfect" shots... but I will scrap this one as well... because this is the true nature of my boys, and I love that about them... they make me smile every day and there is nothing better... check out the Easter eggs... I am serious when I say... I am setting up shots to scrapbook... when did that happen... but I like it... I really do!
I am amazed each year at how much easier all of the traditions are to carry out. This year Easter egg coloring was fun and the eggs (with their smiley faces) are so cute! The boys had a great time and I had a moment to set up a shot for a scrapbook page... love it!

These little containers for the egg dye are so handy... came with the dye. The boys had a great time and the visual effect of the colors is awesome! Can't wait to do a layout with these Easter pictures!

On to my friend Laura... whom I spread the scrapping bug to! She now thinks in terms of scrapbooking... just look at the baby shower we threw for her. Her sister-in-law is super crafty and made the following...

Isn't that ADORABLE? She put that together with a few crafting supplies... I am super impressed! It will look amazing in Kynslie's room!

But I think my favorite were the cupcakes and the toppers they made out of scrapbook flowers, the new stamp with Kynslie's initials, and some of the best cupcakes in the world! See what I mean about becoming a better photographer through scrapbooking. I know they are not professional quality, but I am learning and absolutely love these shots!

Can't wait to meet you, Kynslie Grace! And, can't wait to see you, Kynnslee Morgan... born Thursday night at 10:09 pm. Congratulations to Casey and Lisa... can't wait to meet her! Love and kisses to all of my friends, to you, blog readers, I love you!

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