Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Layouts??? Nope, Noah's Birthday!

Do you know what happens when you're younger and you say something like, "Who would have a baby at Christmas time?" Well, call it Karma, call it fate, but I say God has a huge sense of humor when he tries to teach me lessons about judgements. My second son, Noah, was born promptly (2 weeks early) on December 21st. Which then brought us home from the hospital on the 23rd! Of course we did, that's how it works around here! I say something dumb like that and then it happens to me (LOL). So, being a creative creature... I have to have "theme" parties for the boys when they are little. So for this particular birthday (number 1) I decided to have another crafty lady make me some elf costumes for the "Christmas elves" themed party-not my most original-but I still LOVE the elves in the layout I posted on my header. I decided to scrap the pages in the shapes of the outfits I had made for the boys. The hats were super easy to make... I even use this technique for costumes at school when we perform Christmas plays. Take a piece of felt (from wmart or a craft store) and pull two corners together and stitch. Then stitch a bell on the point (or bend, or loop) that was created opposite the stitched side. Place the hat on your child's head, or in some shots on an adults! We had a great time at the party. The bells on the layout were made from a circle punch then I hand drew small circles, cut them out and inked around the whole thing. Super simple ! I think this was the first time I actually used the rhinstones on a layout as well. The other layout I am sharing is my first "non-photo" layout. My eight year old was the first to learn to read and write so he decided it was his job to make everyone's list for Santa for Christmas. So, I saved it and made it the main focus of this layout. I love how it turned out. So much, I am making it a tradition. He then made a new list for everyone this year and it is embellished with his own original drawings. It is anxiously awaiting being the star of a new layout! Enjoy- just a few days until the big day!

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