Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Saturday

Woo-hoo! The first official day of our Fall Break! A whole TEN days of relaxing and playing without work, well, at least without paid for, career oriented, work. I look around and see all of the projects I want to finish-yes, I have tons of things laying around that I have started and not finished-imagine! But I also see a house that needs cleaned, and BOOKS to be read-ha! I am reading The Last Lecture and so far, it seems to be the book I am meant to be reading. Lately I have been consumed with fullfilling dreams- book writing for one. I have, since graduation, wanted to write fiction or memoirs or both, but have let my fears of inadequacy and failure get in the way of self-actualization. I guess it is about time I kick myself in the posterior and get my giggy on. I have many ideas and some outlines in my head. Riki even made a passing comment, after a night of margaritas, that I should right that stuff down, people would pay to read it. So why am I dragging my feet? I have since checked into creative writing degrees at the nearest university and discussed some ideas with friends (still dragging feet-can you tell?) But now, reading the first chapters of this book, I definately see it is time to put thoughts into action and carve out some time in my busy day to put my ideas down. Who knows, maybe a published book in a few years. I just finished If I am Missing or Dead-wow- one powerful memoir! Put's things in perspective for me! Went scrapping with April at the local scrapbook store, what a great time we had and I even completed a few pages to sell. Can you believe people actually pay me to make scrapbook pages for them-how awesome is that? Wait till you see our get-up for the next scrap retreat-just suffice to say-we will be monkeying around a bit! I am going out to play in the beautiful 87 degree sunshine with the boys-what an awesome Saturday-Love & kisses!

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