Saturday, October 4, 2008


It has been a while since I have posted a scrapbook page, so here goes. This is the scrap page from last year's benefit concert for Vanderbilt's Children's hospital-you know- a good way to donate! So, we are gearing up to go again this year to the Sommet Center-hopefully we won't forget our I.D.'s this time! We also talked two of our close friends into running away with us for the weekend to shop and relax (because you know April and I are so good at relaxing-ha!) As soon as we get back, I will post the follow-up page for this year! April and I have been on quite a few adventures-our scrapbook is almost full!

On to other news: Seth and Noah are taking guitar lessons - pronounced differently in the south than in Akron, OH- and they love it. Thanks dad for the guitar and the inspiration to be well rounded! Noah made his own scrapbook page today-without my assistance and Josh glued his stack of scrap paper to the table (all the while I was having an enlightening conversation with April and I told her that not being able to get a DVD from Flix online was not going to kill her but scraping glue off of the table might get me down!)

Happy Birthday to my mom! She's 39 again!-didn't think I could get away with 29 again since I am 35?? We will celebrate when you come down for fall break.

My dad will be trying to confiscate more rocks from Kentucky while the border patrol (aka april) will be on the lookout for conspicuous behavior from IFO's!

Heard from my long lost but FABULOUS friend Aidan today-your right- I really do suck! But, I will get in touch soon-until then, I will keep you posted from here! GREAT to hear from you-it is funny how somethings never change and how you can go without seeing people for a long time and still remember why you love them! Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday-my Intern is making me work weekends-so I am off to the trenches!
Open house is coming up this week and I always love to meet students' parents to see where they get their "quirky" personalities from. So, needless to say, when I ran across this picture of my dad, I had to wonder-who got his quirky personality-ha!!!
I will try to post again in a few days-Peace out-as my second graders tell me every day!

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